Parental Care : Separate boys and girls hostel with all the modern amenities have been designed to provide students all modern amenities.
Trained and experienced teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for the students. The school counselor interacts with every student and is available for counseling
Carefully selected house father takes care of the daily needs by inspecting the rooms regularly, the availability of toiletries, the cleanliness of the rooms, the conditions of the clothes, the diet and food taken by each student, the personal hygiene, skin and hair care and most importantly at the note book remarks and the home work.

Dining Hall: The Dinning Hall is the venue for day-to-day dining and for regular formal dinners. Meals are carefully planned by expert dieticians who maintain a proper nutritious diet for the growing child. Purified drinking water, juice, fresh fruits and vegetables are served.

There is a special menu planned for each day of the week and the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained by the school staff.

Safety & Security : Student’s health is regularly monitored by resident doctors and nurses in our Medical Centre.

Our carefully selected caretakers, teacher, house parents and well-equipped security staff are supported by technical system meeting international safety norms.